We’ve covered first base!

Yes, it took some doing but we now have photographs up from every stage of our wedding. On our wedding day we had the professional hand of Steve Woodley on the tiller and numerous enthusiastic photographers eagerly firing frames at every opportunity. Arranging to receive our photographs on disc in digital form was for us a perfect choice as it has enabled us to share our wedding with friends and family even at great distance. For the celebrations after the wedding day we relied on friends and family to take photographs. There was an element of backfire in this in that the Slindon Evening Celebration was characterised by everyone having such a good time that the quantity of photos was a little thin!

Once again, however, Mike and Jonathan came to the rescue. If there are any more good digital photos that any of you would like to share then please do drop us a line on the contact form.

The Stonerod Open House produced a great collection of photos on what was a lovely sunny day. We’re always keen for more if you have them though!

Our next stage is to add some non-pro shots from the wedding day itself but we do have other work to do so this will have to wait for a week or two. Don’t forget to send the photos!